Stress Transformation

Stress Transformation is a highly interactive computer program designed to provide practice in applying the equations of two-dimensional stress transformation and Mohr's Circle to find principal stresses, maximum in-plane shearing stresses and the planes upon which the stresses act.  The program is intended primarily for undergraduate engineering students taking courses in mechanics of solids, machine design, or related topics, although it is also suitable for independent study or review. 

A self-extracting file containing the Stress Transformation program is available to download. The downloaded file may be expanded by clicking on it under Windows Explorer and then installed by clicking on setup.exe.

For a description of the approach taken in the program, see Rossow, M.P., "An Interactive Program for Teaching Stress Transformation With Mohr's Circle;" Computers in Education Journal, Vol., VI, No. 4, Oct.-Dec.1996, pp. 42-46; and Rossow, M.P., "The Mohr's Circle Suite of Programs,"   Computers in Education Journal, Vol. VII, No. 3, July-Sept. 1997, pp. 37-42.

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