Earthquake Demonstrations Help Page

Q. How do I make an earthquake happen?

First click on the Menu button (seen right).  Once the menu is shown, click on a level either from the Modified Mercalli Scale (MMI) or the Richter Scale. The higher the level, the more the ground and building will shake.

Q. How do I fix damage after an earthquake?

Click on either Non-Structural or Structural from the Fix Damage list.

Q. How do I hide the menu to allow me to see more of the virtual world?

Click the Hide Menu button.

Q. How do I know which items can be retrofitted?

Take the Guided Tour. By pressing the Guided Tour button (seen below right) a guided tour menu will pop-up.



Q. How do I navigate through the guided tour?

Pressing the right arrow moves you forward through the guided tour.  Pressing the left arrow will take you back to the previous view.  You may click on the speaker icon to mute the tour, and just follow along with the text below it.  You may exit the tour at any time.  Upon completing the tour, the retrofits that were added during the tour will be taken away.

Main Menu

















Guided Tour Menu