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Large  quantities  of   hazardous  wastes  are  generated  in  the  U.S.   by  industry, governments and individuals.  After generation, this waste must be handled in such a way as to prevent harm to the environment and to humans.  Often, this handling encompasses some types of treatment and disposal.  However, the management of hazardous  waste  is  evolving  from  treatment to prevention.   If the  waste is not generated,  it does not need to   be  managed.   Thus,  management  costs and future liability are avoided.  This course reviews the pertinent regulations affecting hazardous  waste  management,  including    RCRA,   HSWA,   CERCLA,  and  SARA.  Traditional management methods from  prevention  through disposal  are  covered, including the design of treatment  systems  and  disposal  sites.  

This  course  requires   CE 380 or the consent of  the instructor.   ENVS 540  may be substituted for CE 380 at the  discretion of  the instructor.   Due to accreditation, a B.S. in engineering is required; proof of this degree is required for non-civil engineering students to enroll.

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